Just thinkin’……………………..

A possibility for faded sapphires to heal and mend the voids perhaps, and find the missing pieces  somewhere else completely :} ?????

or, it could be Ceylon stitch? HMmm



Cover plus Kantha………….

Finished the cover for my Watercolour, Zenatangle and stitch journal.  I decided to choose  a handy A5 size and will probably make the back cover by transferring the original watercolour design onto fabric and pick out a few details in stitch. “Before” and” after”. The final Feather/leaf was done using backstitched outline  couched threads and bullions. I then under stitched in Fly stitch I think it really was the right choice for the barbed effect between the veins.  It also catches the light in an interesting way. When I finished the motifs I was going to just add some padded oval satin-stitched outlines to echo the leaf and sectional shapes but Kantha was the better choice for me as I enjoy it so much.  So, there you go – one cover front.

Finished coverfinished cover detail

I hope you are all enjoying your creative time and I’m looking forward to viewing the results!

Barbara M

Back to stitching………………..


Yes, I have been away from this blog for – has it really been that long!  Shame on me.

I have been posting the progress on another piece I’m working  over on my (serious stuff site).

Life's complicatedP1140781

This started out as a small experimental watercolour/Zentangle hybrid that I liked.

  I decided to select a couple of the main motifs to simply matters and transferred them onto my fabric.

Below is where I’m up to now.  I have one feather to go and something to add to the background, maybe?  It looks a little stark against the white……..

1 feather to go

Feather detail






Motif stitches in detailHope you like the shots, I think it helps you to see which stitch is where!  The Chain stitch is wonderful for giving a more solid appearance and was done in perle 5 threads.

Wishing you a productive week.

Barbara M

No, it really isn’t that orange!

I took one of the oranges to draw Yesterday and was quite disappointed with the colour it looked a bit under the weather, to say the least!

Still, it was good practice and after I did a pencil sketch (see below)

Orange drawing

I decided to christen some watercolour pencils I found see second pic. below –  I hasten to add these are not the good ones which arrived this morning, These are definitely going to keep me out of mischief, I have some great books from the library about colour mixing and one on using watercolour pencils, so I will be taking some time out to play over the week-end.

Hope you enjoy the coming week-end doing something new!

Best wishes and stitches

Barbara M


Accentuate the negative!

Another exercise ( from DOTRSOTB)this time concentrating on the negative space around the subject, or positive space)  and as each edge is a border of adjacent shapes the positive or subject matter is drawn also.  I am really liking the thinking behind these lessons!

I finished the Oak branch but wanted to take the contrast between pos. and neg. even further and accentuate the background.

I had just finished my daily play with Zentangle and thought why not combine the two techniques –   Boom!  I am so liking this effect! 🙂

Accentuate the negative

May do some more……………………


Smell the flowers…………….

Another day another attempt!  This time line drawing a flower.  As you will see the first attempt at a Rose Bud was not as good as I would have liked, the bud was a pale golden yellow  (and beautifully perfumed)but there was hardly any contrast in the shade of the petals and they were not large enough to present a good line – the rest was OK though.  Please excuse the quality of the photos, these were taken very early and I didn’t have my glasses handy 🙂

Rose bud






The second drawing I finished early this morning, as the high winds kept me awake!

This was a silk Tulip from the Bedroom and the colour is a fabulous deep purple graduating to a paler shade.

The drawing was completed in pencil and then I decided to christen the Pitt Pens I have just purchased.  I love the bold lines they give and the crisp outline, but I think that with a more delicate subject, such as the Rose bud, I would prefer to use pencil.

Purple tulipI deliberately placed the Tulip off centre(just because I could)  I like the way it divides the negative space into 2 nicely shaped areas.  I don’t yet know how to represent glass items so a basic outline will have to do until I find out!

I am loving the relaxation that drawing brings and the way you can become totally absorbed by the process of really seeing the subject and nothing else. I can’t hear the music on the radio and my Husband’s voice seems to irritate me terribly when I’m ‘in the zone’.  Very strange.

Hope you are enjoying your week-end

Barbara M

Drawing on the right side of the brain – my first real drawing attempt

I am so pleased I bought this book and the work book!! I have followed through and drawn my first ‘proper’ (it actually looks like it should do’) object.
You use a plastic pane as a visual aid and then attempt to replicate this image onto paper by hand. The instructions were to practice by drawing onto the plastic with an erasable felt tip pen then later rub it off and do another to practice. I bought a whiteboard felt tip marker and copied the image. I was really in the zone and concentrating sOooo hard, but when I came to draw onto the paper my arm brushed the plastic image and wiped half of it out!!!
That really threw me, so I spent the rest of the day trying to draw it direct from my real hand 🙂
Considering it took all day to get there, I’m not disappointed with it, and To-morrow is another day to practice!
What do you think?

My Left Hand
Barbara M