I’ve started, so I’ll ……..just start, again, and again…

Why is it, that some days I get a clear idea to produce something from start to finish ? Wham! Just like that, and some days, after starting one thing; I spot a combination of colours that catch my eye or an unusual button; or a lovely piece of lace and I’m off again in a completely different direction!

Well, that’s to-day for you, I started trying to finish some silk things off and then thought it would be nice to produce some padded jewellery, when finishing these, I realised my Arty stuff needed to have cords and eyelets put on. I would also love to try and do some more sculpture/3D pieces.

See what I mean, Now I have even more in the pipeline, than when I started out!

I’ve included some pics of various things in my pipeline and the way things are going it’ll be longer than the M1, but lots of fun.

So, What little gems are lounging around in your workroom waiting to be born?? I’d love to know?


One thought on “I’ve started, so I’ll ……..just start, again, and again…

  1. Love your work HOPSCOTCH! I know what you mean – sometimes I’m really focussed on one thing and have to finish it and other times I start something and then move onto something else – you really don’t want to know about how many unfinished things I have 🙂

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