Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

Oh, I do like to be beside the sea!

Yes I do, because it’s not far away, just a 20 minute walk from my front door. When I get a bit stagnant(in the thoughts department), I like to “go and see the sea”. Sometimes, whilst working, you can try too hard! You know, so obsessed with finishing an item, next thing is, the day has gone and you’re tired and ratty! It’s better to switch off and do something completely different; it gives you a new perspective on things when you return.

The sea has always drawn me to it, from my childhood days in Liverpool – trips across the Mersey with dad, walks along Otterspool Promenade, even down to the sand in my sandwiches on New Brighton Beach!

Later on , when I decided to ‘up sticks’; I had been Visiting Wales and getting away from the cityscapes of concrete and glass, into the hills and mountains of Snowdonia. What a contrast! It is beautiful and you can only appreciate it by ’being there’. It isn’t what I call ‘Picture Postcard ‘pretty but rugged, peaceful, rocky, with vast, airy places – plenty of space to enjoy and explore.
I sound like a representative of the Welsh Tourist board, don’t I?(how embarrassing).

Anyway, I moved to Wales, bought a guest house, sold it, and travelled abroad in our motorhome, practically living in it for about 8 months the last time! That, I believe is a future blog in itself – when I dig out the photos, I’ll do it!

I’ve been here now 10 years and again, find myself back ‘Beside the Seaside’. Not, as I mentioned before, right on the coast, but in a little market town(small, but perfectly formed) Banging away on my keyboard, but this is where I’ll have to finish for to-day, because it’s Sunday and Yes, you’ve guessed it, Time to go and “See the Sea” Before the Sunday Roast.

I’d love to hear where you’re living and what’s special to you, why don’t you leave me a little note in comments.
Bye for now

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