If you go down to the woods To-Day??

You’re sure to enjoy it!
I thought, to-day I’d tell you a little bit about where we live.
One of our favourite places to visit when we want to chill out, is called Betws-y-Coed, and, as you’ve gathered, we live in Wales(the pronunciation is like saying “Betoos – ee- Coiyed). Yes, that’s good! ….Keep practicing : )

Anyway, we started off going there a long time ago, with all the other tourists and ended up returning again, and again – we never seem to tire of it.
The place itself is a small village, (well, basically, one main street) with an old stone bridge over the river; which runs through the valley. It is completely surrounded by woodland on the higher ground.

The air is lovely and crisp this time of year and peaceful, because all the summer visitors have long gone. There is a fish and chip shop, a few pubs, the oldest being ‘The Royal Oak Hotel’ -this is also the most popular, as it serves big hearty meals and in the summer they have Live entertainment including real Male Voice Choirs. Their voices are amazing and quite emotive.

We do a lot of walking there, as quite a few routes start from Betws. The first one we followed had a really steep hill to climb at the very start – guaranteed to give your circulation a boost! It was worth it though, because when you have walked along the wooded trail; the view suddenly opens out before you and onto a beautiful lake called Llyn Elsi.

There are also bike trails and an excellent campsite that has just been completely up-graded. There is a miniature steam train for the children(big and small) and a rather cute real railway station, accessible by a stone arch, for those hikers who like to explore the Conwy Valley, too.

So, come on! Where are you? I’d love to hear your blog about your favourite places, so why don’t you let me know? Or leave me a note in the comments?

I’ll try to upload some photos of the place soon – It’s just lovely there!
Bye for now

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2 thoughts on “If you go down to the woods To-Day??

  1. I LOVE Betws-y-coed and all of North Wales. I have done many walks around there and have many happy memories. My Fiance and I are hoping to move to Wales one day (hopefully soon)! You are so lucky to live there 🙂

  2. I have to agree, it is a stunning place, so pretty and peaceful, i remember sitting in the blistering sun on the village green and it was beautiful. You've made me want to visit again soon :>)"TheCatsWhiskersJewellery"

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