Out Of The Woods – Into The Workshop!!

So, my friends, after my day out in Betws, I thought I’d better knuckle down and get some work done!
It’s too easy when you’ve had a day off; to leave all the ‘in the pipeline’ stuff sitting there, waiting to ‘go on stage’, so to speak(see my post “I’ve started so..)

You see, I began a mixed-media piece a while ago, incorporating hand-made paper, mica flakes, inks, acrylics, fringing(supposed to have been destined to trim a chair!) and other bits and pieces that had been sitting around looking sorry for themselves.

It was the paper that inspired me, it was so tactile and with its’ little sparkly flakes of mica it took the paint and inks so well. As soon as the background was finished, I just knew it wanted to be ‘mean and moody’, sometimes it takes longer to get the right feeling. Having built up the layers suitably, I found the result was dramatic but flat! That’s when I decided to put a picture window, within my picture. I had tried various finishes – waxed metallic, raised wood-grain and painted finishes.

Finally I decided to leave the window frame stark white. It looked so surreal against the dusty dark colours, carrying on the surreal thread; I cut some plastic shapes free-hand (Salvador Dali, style) and had them oozing through the window bringing a few night stars in, too!

The planet started out as an idea for some buttons, I cut free-hand shapes into a disc, and backed them with metallic material for the ‘seas’.

Finally, I finished in the foreground; with a fantasy bird, symbolizing the freedom of imagination within dreams. It came together well in the end, I called it Night Sky. (obviously this is just a quick snap to let you see it, as I have just finished it)

So, I’ve given you an idea as to what goes on in my head when I’m creating something – How about you?? What inspires you, how do you work? from start to finish? all in one go? Or a series of orderly stages ? Please let me know and get in touch – if only to say ” Hey! You’ve got a weird way of working”!

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Bye for Now


3 thoughts on “Out Of The Woods – Into The Workshop!!

  1. What a beautiful creation, Hopscotch! I tend to have an overall idea of what I want to achieve when I start out – and then it usually goes through numerous re-workings. Even with the simplest things, like earrings!And I’m with Black Rose in having those unfinished pieces stashed away until the day I know how they need to be completed.

  2. Beautiful Hopscotch and love the way your mind worked in stages with thoughts and images/visualisations to get to the stage of adding to and completing this mixed media piece. I have a few unfinished things lying around and my mind is blocked as to which way they should go until something I see triggers of the outcome. Other times I can see and know straightaway how I want the item to look and can complete it in one go!

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