Friendship – For What it’s Worth!!

The only way to have a friend, is to be one.

This little saying was placed around a tiny, decorated box, that was made for my best friend.
We had known them( as a couple), all our lives – going out together; cooking meals for each other; listening to music and sharing the mad, and bad moments.

Genuine ‘Do anything for you’ kind of people. We knew that her husband had been quite ill , but, Thank God, he was given the all clear.

Anyway, we decided, one Tuesday morning; as it was getting colder and more miserable by the day, to set off for the winter, in our motor home.
We had a fantastic time, got stuck down tiny, crooked, village streets on market day! Bought wonderful ,fresh food from the markets in Brittany and made many new, interesting friends; all with tales to tell and wine to share. Great times!

We were having such a good time it we forgot now and then, to stay in touch with them. The last news at the end of the year, was that he had become ill, again.

We promised ourselves, that as soon as we got back home, we would ring up.

He had died and been buried in the January. They could not contact us; as we were staying in a tiny village in the Pyrenean Mountains.

Some of the joy of all those months of travelling just disappeared – Right there and then.

That day I made a promise to value my old friends more highly, I rang her, visited, wrote a letter from the heart to her and sent that little gift box; sewn with all the love and friendship I could cram into it!

So, message is, keep making excuses or keep your precious friends.

Bye for now.

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