A BLANK PAGE – What does it mean to you?

It’s early Sunday morning, and instead of using my Laptop, I have before me, a lovely snow white, crispy, clean piece of A4 paper.

Whilst still cleaning my teeth, I was going to blog about my travels to sunny places – prompted by my intense hatred of all things cold!!(except ice-cream, of course).

I put the paper down on the table, took a sip of my first cuppa of the day, picked up my pen and sat there for a few minutes.

I always have a tiny little thrill when starting from scratch, so to speak! The excitement comes from the all the possibilities that could come about, from simply making a start!

Most of you, may find it a strange reaction, but this page reminds me of the numerous houses we have ‘cared for’ over the years. All were in need of tons of T.L.C. which was immensely enjoyable, but hard work. I just liked the thought of turning rather neglected houses into warm, welcoming, places to live.

It was the point, when after all the hard work, I stood in front of those blank walls; all pink, smooth and newly-plastered!

They repersented such a freedom of choice; whatever colour I wanted, I could have. I could paper, stipple, rag-roll. Imagine, with every room I could have a fresh start!

One rule applied however, it had to be what I term an ‘edible colour’; something to feast my eyes upon.

I think that’s why I have such a love of shades and hues – each blank wall meant the birth of a new colour.

What does a blank page mean to you? Does it fill you with trepidation? Or does it excite you? Let me know, huh?

Just think, there’s a lovely, blank, comments box just waiting for you!

P.S. Here’s how my 2nd piece of A4 ended up, after the 2nd cuppa.

2 thoughts on “A BLANK PAGE – What does it mean to you?

  1. That drawing is so beautiful!!This is a really interesting post because I have some pretty mixed responses to a blank sheet. If it’s a comments box on a blog or forum thread, well, just let me at it! Mainly, I don’t know when to stop.If it’s something like an agenda in a meeting at work I can very easily cover it in drawings (which are actually embryonic jewellery designs) that come out of my head while I’m still, amazingly, paying attention to what’s going on in the meeting!Put me in front of a completely clean and tidy, empty (trembles at that word) beading board and I am a nervous wreck. I just have to have a few leftovers from my last project still there to be able to do anything. Is that weird or what?! It’s almost as if I see the jewellery creating process as akin to a friendship cake.What did I say about not knowing when to stop?!

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