Somewhere, over the rainbow

I think we underestimate just how important colour is. Do we realise how much it affects our lives? Which colours do we feel most attuned to?

I was pondering on this, whilst enjoying my first cuppa of the day, here’s what I noticed;

Some people are definite followers of the ‘more the merrier’ brigade. Layer those colours together and let them bounce off one another – a Zingy way to go!
They seem to give the appearance of being optimistic, happy-go-lucky, open to change.

Others are more selective in their choice, using colours from the same colour family. Friends I have, who are of this persuasion, give the appearance of co-ordination and organization.
Maybe time is a factor and they do not want to spend it, mulling over whether different items will ‘work’ together, and they are often tidy and methodical(although, there are always exceptions to the rule)

Lastly, those who are drawn to a monochromatic choice. The use of black, white, and all the shades in between(with maybe a splash of primary colour, for boldness!
This is often considered to be a classic, timeless choice; as so called ‘fashion colours’ come and go, but black and white endures. The choice of silver or gold as an accent seems to be perceived to give a more up-market look.

But why do we favour certain colours? Could it be connected to family influences . I thought my use of blues and lilacs; where my own personal choice. I realized, during a chat with my sister, it was Mum’s favourite colour and also her mother’s. Clothes for special occasions, always seemed to be blue or lilac!

Strange, though, that we should be drawn to some colours and dislike others? My least favourites are Bright Green – and Bright Orange; I don’t even like orange flowers in the garden. That is a bit weird, isn’t it!
Perhaps we should try to overcome our dislike and second-chance these much maligned hues, you never know, they could really expand our palette of colours.
The results could be very interesting!

A while ago, I read an article on colour therapy and related topics. There was a photograph of a wall, which was completely covered with shelves; displaying bottles of every imaginable combination of colours and all of them contained two distinctly separate colours(no, I don’t know how, but I think it may have been done by water and oil).

Just to see such a vast spectrum of colour was so exciting! Apparently, the client chose the colours which attracted them most and a ’reading’ was made of that individual’s personality; based on their choice. Afterwards, when questioned, the clients said the results were quite accurate.

What about the way colour is used in everyday conversation, such as:

Feeling blue

In the pink

Mellow yellow

Green with envy

Seeing red

These all seem to relate to emotional states,don’t they? So do the clothes we wear or the colours we choose to work with, reflect how we are feeling at that time?

How do you use colours? Is your view limited by ‘likes and dislikes’ of certain colours?
I think mine is, so today, Mathew – I’m going to grit my teeth and think GREEN! I may be pleasantly surprised!


4 thoughts on “Somewhere, over the rainbow

  1. Thanks Linden, that’s very kind of you. Your crafting place’s colour scheme sounds perfect, the soft muted green is calming and the red/terracotta will stimulate your creativity. Best of luck with production!

  2. Hi paru’s circle – interesting handle!When typing your post, look above to tool bar, you’ll see a capital T with a block of colours next to it. Click on it to select your colour. I usually type blog first, highlight my choice of word/ phrase or paragraph; then select my colours!Have FUN!!

  3. Hopscotch, I love your posts, they are always so interesting! I don’t think there’s a single colour I actually dislike, though I’m wary of acid-brights. If anything I’m drawn more to warm colours – but then I also love blues and they are hardly warm!Interesting – our crafting room/office is predominantly a darkish sage green and red/terracotta and I can happily spend hours in it feeling totally contented.

  4. just found your awsome blog through ingeniously creatives.. it rocks!! how does one change the colours of the font on blogs?? yes.. colours do dictate feelings.. i for one get ‘high’ on orange.. heheheh.. not your fav 😉

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