A splodged tissue and the road to success

O.K. This is how something ordinary, can turn into something interesting!
It started when I was rummaging around in my bit-bag(which happens to make Santa’s sack look in want of a good feed!)

I should have known I’d be waylaid by something lurking at the bottom, anyway, there it was, a perfectly boring piece of tissue; but the colours on it were so attractive, I just knew that one day It would turn into something unusual – that’s how all the bits end up there in the first place!

I turned it around, re-enforced it with interfacing to give it some body and began to free-stitch onto it.

Next, I used some shapes torn from metal shim(a thin soft sheet, available in different colours and metals). Hand beading followed close behind, I seem to be doing more beading in my pieces,these days.

I had learnt to make free-stitch grids a while ago, so one was added to create more depth, and pieces of decorated foils and more beads. All this was mounted onto some lovely soft velvet and I think it contrasts well with the gleam of the metals, don’t you?

Now I’m thinking of combining water colour and stitch on paper, because the lovely colours can be enriched or you can actually change the direction of your colourway,as you stitch!

Now there’s another interesting direction to take!

Hope you like them!

Bye for now!


7 thoughts on “A splodged tissue and the road to success

  1. I love this, the tones and metallic textures are great! Did a lot of free machining at school and university and keep looking at your blog and thinking I NEED to buy a sewing machine and have another go! Water colour on thickish vilene with free machining and felt was always a big fave with me.

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