Decisions, Choices – can’t make ’em!!

Hello fellow Artist and Crafters, I’m pleased you could spare the time to visit my little corner of Blogsville!

I have recently finished this piece, after having such fun! It practically created itself! I used a well tried background, initially painted Bond-a -Web on a soft thick cotton, then overlaid it with distressed paper and dyed tissue.

I was aiming for a worn, soft look to the surface, which I then embellished with some free-style embroidery and beading. The little fragments of glass were secured onto the cloth and micro

   beads added around the pieces; to blend them into the  background.

Next, I wanted to add some whispy strips to represent sea-weed, these were embroidered, organza strips in varying shades, loosely attached to the surface.


I find that some pieces practically create themselves and this was definitely the case here. I am, as you will discover in future blogs, quite fond of blues, lilacs, purples and mauves; but I try to experiment with as many colours as I can, along with an array of different materials; metallic foils, plastics, and acetates.

So, the piece was finished and there was only one, simple decision to make – which frame should I choose?

I tried a gold frame, a distressed pastel frame, a black gloss frame….but no, I did’t stop there, I even tried patinating a silver one with alchohol inks, which I thought co-ordinated quite well – too well, though!

Now there doesn’t seem to be enough contrast between work and frame!

What a ridiculous situation! I can see myself staring across at this piece each morning – waiting for a Eurika! Moment.

I only hope it comes soon. Until then, I will have to be very bad mannered and totally ignore it!
Have you ever been in this sort of situation?

Please tell me I’m not alone

Bye for now and thanks for listening, I feel better already!

2 thoughts on “Decisions, Choices – can’t make ’em!!

  1. Hi Hopscotch, you are definitely not alone! I’ve been there and done that, not with frames but with colour combinations in jewellery. The usual sticking point is in a beadwoven piece where I’m doing a button or bead closure and the burning question is – which button/bead?!Hmmm – green or teal, maybe, possibly? (For your frame, that is.)I generally find, though, that if I leave the piece well alone the answer comes of its own accord – often in the middle of the night!!

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