Trying something different!

It is easy to keep using materials that you are familiar with and not stretch yourself, so to speak!

So, as an experiment, I thought I would use some hand-made paper that I have had for a while; as a basis for a new piece. I was looking forward to using some materials that were completely new to me.

I started by colouring the paper with inks and paint, I used a good old fashioned mouth diffuser(which was lurking amongst my inks), and then flicked the paints; some of which were quite thick.

Next came the Gesso, and some new Translusent Sculpey, which was a new product to me and provided a lot of fun as well as giving a much needed extra dimension to things.

Once I had swirled this on, even more depth was given by upholstery fringing which was cut and sprinkled loosley over the sculpey,

Finally, I waxed and some of the beads and added bugle beads in a free form to accentuate the fringing.

I was pleased with the outcome and plan to continue

experimenting with this media.

I also have another in the pipeline, using plastics and acetates.
Will post when finished!
Bye for now


5 thoughts on “Trying something different!

  1. Wow, that is such a beautiful and truly creative piece, your work is inspirational! I think that’s very much where I’m coming from – I ask myself more and more now, “Well, why not?”

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