Back to blogland!/ Confidence blip

Well, I must say, I feel a bit guilty having neglected my blog to have fun on flickr, but I needed to try a few different things to stimulate a change of direction in my work.

Sometimes, we all reach a point where we feel a little “stagnant”(my description) and find ourselves producing the same type of pieces, or choosing the same colours, methods, or materials in our work.

When I first started viewing all the wonderful and talented work on flickr and in the groups, I was in awe(and, if I must be truthful, a little jealous).

An absolute world of creativity and freedom of expression! I believe we all possess the power to express our thoughts and feelings creatively; but maybe don’t use them to the full, because we lack the courage to take a chance – Outside our comfort Zone, perhaps?

So it was late afternoon and I was puzzling which direction to take(and feeling I’d lost my inspiration)

Glancing down, a tiny clay face, lay, staring up at me, from amongst my beads and trimmings. I immediately thought of those wonderful art dolls I had seen and felt a longing to create one.

At a time when I felt I’d lost my own usual self confidence, the opportunity to work through this medium , appeared!

I started by simply twisting a loop of stout wire and forming a rough pair of wings. The face was secured onto a felt backing, then I found a scrap of machine embroidery, which had been done on water soluble film; it was so wispy and such a nice, free, shape – it just had to be windswept hair!

I created a little skull cap from pearl grey beads and it blended well with her hair. More Beads were added in pearly and transluscent tones, as I felt she would like to be adorned, as well as adored!

Her wings were free-machine embroidery on water soluble film.

The torso,which was padded and wrapped with soft wool and embellished with a tiny metal daisy. A chunky, glass, bead I’d had for ages and a tiny, embossed, foil, heart with a pearly bead were placed on the top, to show nature is dear to my heart.

Finally, down at the base, a home-made bead and a tassell and bell – they say “Every time you hear a bell ring, an angel gets it’s wings”, I like that!

So, now she is complete and will hang on the wall, in my little craft corner, where I can see her. Creating her was just the diversion I needed.

I have a strange feeling she is just the first of my “time out for me” pieces!

Bye for now

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