Scars Heal – Tears Dry

This short blog, is to explain the piece in the accompanying photograph.
I have recently read a very eloquent blog, posted by a woman who was being violently abused by her husband. She had reached the point of taking action to ensure her, and her child’s survival.

Initially, it did provoke a reaction of shock and anger from me, at the cruelty of it all; but as I read, I realised that this was a testament to her extra-ordinary bravery and ability to make life-changing/saving decisions, in the midst of a hellish situation!
So this is just one person’s response of sisterly support and admiration, for all of you who have come through these harrowing nightmares, and emerged, the stronger for it!

If any of you are reading this, please visit her blog, and then take a step towards the life you deserve!

– There are people out there, just waiting to help you, but only if you make the first move!

To a safe place,

where scars can heal and tears can dry!

12 thoughts on “Scars Heal – Tears Dry

  1. Thanks so much for this. I just celebrated my 25th, and have gone through this. My health is horrible, but maybe there is still a chance for me. Maybe if I concentrate oh moving forward my diabetes and blood pressure would improve instead of being so erratic.

  2. Just wanted to pop by and say thanks for your comment and good thoughts for my son. It took months but his eye is better now.This is a beautiful post and artwork that is really touching. OFf to visit your link now.all the bestcorrine aka jafabrit

  3. Dear BarbaraThanks for your lovely comments today. It's always a pleasure to hear from you. Your work is beautiful and I am glad you like the mosaic. I intended posting to flickr today but it's been a very distracting day and I had to leave the computer alone to get things done! Tomorrow is another day, so will catch up with all pc jobs xxxBye for nowLoveCarolyn

  4. I read the post, written a year ago. I wonder how she is doing today. The danger of lethality actually increases when a woman takes the step of leaving because it tells the man he has lost control of the situation and no longer has an instantly-available outlet for his brutality. I used to act as a back-up judicial officer and saw situations like this all the time. It is amazing what some women are willing to endure when they have been stripped of their belief in themselves by psychological abuse.

  5. What a beautiful piece and what a lovely response to Rebecca's story! And you are so right, you truly don't ever know what strengths you have until they are tested.

  6. I love it… very symbolic there…. I had to make a life changing decision to break away from someone who made my life absolute hell,,,that was about six to seven years ago. It meant going homeless but you sometimes you have to do these things to think of you… your self,, your mind, your welfare and safety of you. You realise in time that these things are the right thing to do though at the time it was heart wrenching

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