Found my way home!!!

At last after so long,  I finally got my ‘old faithful’ blog back 🙂  I just can’t tell you how much I’ve missed posting here.

Hopefully I’ll be using this a lot more now and sharing what I’m up to. See below for a sample 🙂
I’ve been posting lots of stuff on the stitchinfingers site I love it there and so to give you an idea what I’ve completed recently, please feel free to drop by and comment.
I am in the proces of finishing a mixed media sample cover and have just sent off a mini-comfort doll as a swap(will post this up when I know the recipient has got her!)
Anyway, really hope you can drop over now and again.
Free-style fusion Organza

Beaded free-style doodle

Modern twist on eyelet sttitch – an eyelet within an eyelet!

2 thoughts on “Found my way home!!!

  1. OK, here is the comment box, so it looks like it's working.I look forward to following along with all of your gorgeous projects. You are a real inspiration to me.FlowerLady

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