TAST 2012

I have just signed up for the T.A.S.T. 2012 Challenge. Read about it on sharonB’s blog see title link. I have completed my cover which will be top of the fabric samples and each page will have a 2″ column to the right for stitch name, week number, and a few rows of textbook stitches with the remaining space to experiment on. This is the plan so far, but, as you know, things are not set in stone and I will see how things go.
For all you stitchers out there my very best wishes for a creative and rewarding 2012!
Below is the finished cover, although a method of attaching the samples is still in the pipeline, I think I will use really large rings and insert eyelets into each page. It will be quick & easy to flick through them and choose the relevant page as a reference. One is rather dark, as I was still stitching at 9p.m. 🙂

One thought on “TAST 2012

  1. Dear Barbara ~ What a beautiful cover! I would love to make a book for TAST, and don't know how to go about making one. What size are your pages, what kind of material do you use?I am really looking forward to being involved and learning new stitches.FlowerLady

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