Tast Sampler and Guiding star

I decided the original cover I made for the TAST challenge was a bit too fussy.  Great fun to stitch though, so I will keep this and produce some saple beaded embroideries for it.

I think I will try to comcentrate on experimenting with stitches as a the main aim, although it it so easy to get sidetracked by embellishing with beading and other additions.  Keeping up week by week may be a possible problem as I would need time to get used to new stitches before playing with them.

 A good idea may be to stitch textbook samples and then play catch up with the experimental stuff. in an area of its own.

I would love to hear how my fellow TASTERS are going to approach this.  So, please leave me a comment or two.
Hope to see lots of inspiring stuff in the New Year!
Wishes and Stitches

P.S.  I thought I would share photos of the Christmas decoration/Vessel  I made last year, in memory of my dear Dad.  It will take pride of place in my lounge each year. There are more photos to this piece so if it interests you the link is here.  Guiding Star   and a bit of the history


Wishing you all a Christmas full of warmth and love

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