Week 1 of TAST

TAST 2012 

Finally finished the fly stitch sample yesterday and I’m completing a

free-style sample too; will post when finished.
I don’t know about you, but working on aida fabric is a little annoying, all those mini ‘black holes’ staring blankly at you willing you to fill them.
I’m so used to stitching and working out the pattern or design as I go but those tidy little squares in their highly ordered world are so alien to me, LOL.
Anyway the idea of just concentrating on one stitch at a time and stretching your imagination is quite enticing, isn,t it?  I mean, this stitch is so versatile, in future, I’ll treat it with greater respect.
The number of people taking part in TAST 2012 ensures that I will have plenty of eye candy to ogle over and that makes me a very happy bunny!  Trouble is there’s a good chance of me watching instead of stitching.
For now here’s my pics of  Week 1’s stuff.
Happy stitching, everyone and enjoy !

2 thoughts on “Week 1 of TAST

  1. Jules – so did I ! I think when you're used to working free-style(as I call it) that is on ordinary fabric, paper, or whatever you have; you don't have to count. Aida, with all those little holes/squares put me off a bit. Anyway, glad you liked my sample :)Barbara

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