Week 2 TAST Challenge

Bit late posting this, so here’s week 2 and 3 in one post.

Week 2  and Buttonhole stitch.  I decided to go free-style and for me this means no sketches no pre-planning;  just going with the flow.  The bonus this week for me, was working on linen for the first time and I must say I loved it!  The feel of the fabric as you work and handle it, is lovely, 

I have included some close-ups as when I view other people’s work I love to fathom out how they’ve done something and get a proper feel for the stitches.
So, ogle away! 🙂

The motif here is done using detached buttonhole which is worked on a foundation of straight stitches and worked across these without piercing the fabric.  The stitching is only secured at the outer edges.

The Number  and the semi circle with beading were worked over a piece of felt for a 3D look.

I am really enjoying this but love to embroider on different surfaces sometimes they inspire a design. Week 3’s background was a little sample I had lying around for quite a while and although I need the experience of working on aida fabric I am still drawn to surfaces with of variation and irregularities.

The back ground is white velvet and I ironed on painted bond-a-web (an old favourite of mine.  I don’t know wether the metallic streak across the sample shows up but this is an experiment in  laminatiing paper and metallic organza with pva glue!.

Feather stitch is one of my favourite stitches and can be delicate or bold – a really good traveller on the fabric.  With this sample I wanted to concentrate on creating depth and texture.  Layers were the answer, including an attached scrap of organza which was pleated and held in place by the stitches
The plant life in the foreground were made bolder by whipping part of the stitches (the same for the blossom on the tree).
Any way hope you like the photos and if you stop by to take a look, please leave a comment 🙂
Especially if you are taking part in TAST yourself!  I’m off to see what week 4
has in store for me ðŸ™‚
Happy stitching


5 thoughts on “Week 2 TAST Challenge

  1. and ogle i did!!!WOW! what a blast of intense SOMETHING! words fail me. i'm surfin' along enjoying the TAST pieces, saving a few for inspiration, then i see your final picture – zoomed in AND magnified – and all i can say is wow. the depth is amazing. and those whipped stitches are just perfect. i definitely have to get out of the dmc and perle mode and try some new things. how big is this piece, and what will you do with it? looks valuable and competition-worthy to me. sorry so wordy; your piece is just so beautiful, my soul is smiling.

  2. Nice post this is, Thanx for sharing It. This may be too much helpful for new learner's. The creation that you have make is also too cute & shows a good experience about Cross Stitch Fabric & Aida Fabric.

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