Looks aren’t Everything, are they?

I got up this morning and forced myself to book a much needed hair cut. If you could imagine a woman who looks like a cross between a Yeti and Freddie Boswell’s wife from ‘Bread’, you’re not even close! (and, No, I won’t be posting photographs- lucky you 🙂

The last of my decent finger nails has just snapped off, I’m talking real ones, y’know. Maybe it’s because I’m a totally ‘Hands-On’ kind of girl when it comes to dyeing, painting, melting, inking and gluing – all without the aid of a pair of Marigolds! 
My husband, bless him, always surprises me with novel gifts for Valentiune’s Day and this year was no exception, due to our very recent house move I was the proud recipient of 5 floorboards and a circular saw( I can hear those envious sighs)

I think when you’re immersed in your craft and plotting your projects, writing your Blog, Spring cleaning the house,emptying the garage, arranging visits to familly …………and trying to control the urge to test drive that circular saw….

Appearance sort of slides down the priority scale, doesn’t it?

I am a social person and like to interact with like minded people, after all, it is nice just to have some feedback from someone on the same wavelength, isn’t it?  So to avoid any poor souls who may come into visual contact with me turning pale and fainting – I’m off to the hairdresser’s :))

I will be playing catchup with the Tast photos soon

Wishes and stitches!


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