More stitches for the TAST Challenge!

As promised, all my catchup pics of the stitches and I even found time to make a new needlecase for this year.  You may recognise the fabric from the background in Week 3 – just couldn’t throw it away :}
Week 4 doodling with Cretan stitch
Week 5 Herringbone Stitch
I really enjoyed playing with this stitch especially the starburst!
Using Aida fabric seems to restrict my freedom, I know it sounds strange but I think if I deliberately use it regularly for samples, I may be able to ignore all those little squares and enjoy myself”
Week 6 was Chevron 

Finally finished my week 7 detached chain stitch sample for the TAST challenge and I must say that at first I thought this little stitch was a bit boring!
I’d always used it as an isolated, dot-dot, sort of a decoration. I was going to stitch onto aida fabric but decided to use a re-cycled wool scarf that I’d dyed a while ago as the feel of wool is so tactile I thought it would encourage me to spend a little longer experimenting.
Once I got into the stitchzone I got quite excited by the way this single unit can be varied and how easily it makes friends with feather, fly and many other stitches.


I am going to use it as a little bag for storing some beads and bits in.  Looking forward to seeing what’s next!
Did any of you find this week’s stitch uninspiring at first??
Love to know!


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