TAST it and see!

I am now hooked on this challenge!  Although I’ve got a hundred jobs to do in the new house, I am finding myself getting up earlier to make a start on stitching my samples.

This week’s stitch(week 10) the running stitch started  off as a ‘quickie’, as a whole garden fence needed to be treated before being installed!!  I was like a soul possessed, and ended up resembling the jolly green giant 🙂  One bath and a cuppa later I was ready to go.

Funny how a sample morphs(my favourite word)into something else, last week it turned into a very handy bit bag for all my sewing bits and bobs, but this week it just grew and grew.  I now find I need a 9 day week to finish these extended samples.

The inspiration came from a photograph I took on one of our regular local walks. 
We have a fantastic, but delapidated castle not a stone’s throw away from our house and often enjoy a Sunday circular walk which takes in the grounds of Gwyrch Castle.  There have been numerous plans for the  restoration and development , but sadly no results as yet.  The place is very charismatic and I found myself taking more and more photographs, small secluded corners, close-ups of the moss covered stones and ivy clad windows.
Whilst embroidering this must have been on my mind because the castellated border appeared and without any prior planning and the rest just evolved!
Hope you like my portrayal of a little piece of Gwrych.



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