Where does the time go???

I have been very busy with the garden we inherited from the previous owner.  Sometimes I feel like the princess in the enchanted forest(though not quite that big!)  Roses that have lots and lots of dead wood, massive thorns, weed colonies and a tree that  is on reprieve from execution because the birds love it, but it throws shadow over quite a lot of the lawn; resulting in moss, too.

Anyway, that is why I haven’t posted as often as I would like to have.
  Here is my TAST week 11 sample – inspired by those weird little cacti that have hairdos!  As soon as I saw the yarn I knew what to do :}

TAST is proving fun to do, although I don’t seem to want to leave each stitch once  I’m into it!

Hope you are all enjoying the challenge as much as me, I look forward to viewing all he eye candy šŸ™‚
Best wishes!


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