Week 13 – Cloud stitching

This week was to be a catchup week for those of us who were, for one reason or another,struggling to keep up the pace of one stitch every week.
Illness, life’s problems or just feeling overwhelmed by the commitment is understandable.  I confess, I too waa a stalker of the TAST challenge and never thought I would be able to commit to a whole year’s  worth of stitches – but, here I am, loving it!
   The trouble I have with weekly stitches is to stop practicing and playing in time for the next one!
I decided to make the mini-challenge alternative for this week and had a fantastic silk cap I had hand-dyed a while ago.   The colours were lovely and summery and the silk so light it just drew me to it.  That is where the title came from-  cloud stitching – I’m sure that is what it must feel like to embroidery on a soft, light Summer cloud.
I decided this will be a stand alone piece rather than a sample and I will use some of the future stitches(if appropriate) along with some already practiced. 
Here’s the starting shot and some of the motifs I created. 

The folds were moulded onto a backing of muslin and shaped as I stitched.  It was a pleasure to handle!  Hope you like the photos!Wishes & Stitches.


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