Week 15 – Stem stitch – with a little blood and gore!!

Yes, a strange title I know, but this is true.  I was tootling along with my first sample, doing very well thank you, when pitter-pat, some nice big shiny red droplets of blood started falling on my work.  Have you ever tried balancing beads, fabric and 14 other items that were balanced on your knees, whilst searching frantically in your pocket for a (rather large) hankie to staunch the flow.  My first thought was to try and rinse the work out and salvage it, but I was using some wonderfully fluffy threads and fibres :}  Still , it wasn’t too bad;  I suppose in a subdued light the stains might not show.  I dried it off and was finishing up and feeling quitepleased, when, yes, you’ve probably guessed it – another, more insistant nosebleed and I  now had my clothes to consider, too!!
Anyway, the piece was beyond repair and I was very miffed, I can tell you.

 On Friday, (13th) I thought,  no, I’m not going to be beaten, I’ll start another one!
 I awoke early and decided to make a nice soothing cup of Camomile tea.  I turned towards the kettle which had built up a wonderful head of scalding steam and what followed I am not sure about, only that all of a sudden I looked down and found a whole area on my hand was short of about 2 layers of skin!  It had completely peeled back! the rest of the surrounding skin waa a weird shade, too. St John’s ambulance might not recommend the following course of action but I couldn’t stick it back again, that was for sure, so I pulled the lot off!
 Suitably covered and bandaged and a plug in both nostrils(in case of a third downpour) not to mention a wonderful cuppa,  I attacked the sample with gusto and Voila!

It is strange, the second sample is more an abstract design using oil pastels and printing with ink and stamps for the background – completely the opposite to the first and I like it a whole lot more!!




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