Awash with Wheat ear!

At last another stitch that totally surprised me! 
I thought Wheat ear would be an uninspiring stitch to try for the first time – how wrong can you be 🙂
  I decided that I would start with one single stitch in black thread – a simple unit.  It sort of cleared my mind from racing ahead with decisions about such as colour shape etc.
  Once I was able to concentrate on the shape, and only the shape, it seemed as though the possibilities were limitless with it.  No designing beforehand I just homed in on creating pattern and followed my instinct.
Some stitches are hard to warm to but this approach of ‘rough sketching in black really works for me.  Then as I see the design taking shape, the bare bones are filled in with a combination of stitches that compliment.  I also limited myself to two colours and the results seem to be more powerful as a result.  I love this stitch and it’s funny but, sometimes I can see so many variations with it that I can’t stitch fast enough – weird. huh?
Anyway, for once I’m early posting this sample.

Hope your sample is as much fun for you 🙂

8 thoughts on “Awash with Wheat ear!

  1. thank you Barbara for comments you left on my site, not sure if this is where or how I thankyou thought I had left a comment here before but must have been mistaken, know I commented on your wheatear somewhere!

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