What do you think of it so far??

Tast, that is!  well, having reached the 17th week I can honestly say I’m loving this.  Each new stitch is a little adventure –  can’t wait for to-morrow’s challenge.
The rain here has never stopped for 2 days and I’m going stir-crazy(stuck in the house)  So, out came my threads and stuff and I thought why not try to combine little tastlets into a patchwork sample, I think I have only missed about 2 out, but they can be added soon. 
It sure does take my mind off that blasted rain!
First, I just embellished some scraps of satin, silk, fibres and lace I’d dyed with onion skins, elderberries and threads with rust and dyes.  The stitches then hold it all together.  I may continue with this ‘scrapwork’ throughout the year, I quite like it πŸ™‚
Here are some of the motifs I made up.

I have included some thread weaving,
 as it is something I’ve been wanting to experiment with
 for a while and I’m pleased with the little pieces so far.
   Hope you are enjoying the experience, too!

8 thoughts on “What do you think of it so far??

  1. Gorgeous stitching and designing Barbara. I always love to see your work. Making time to catch up on some SF friends' blogs today. I loved this the moment you posted it on SF. Sorry the rain was annoying for you. We actually need it again, it's quite dry here, and the men want some for planting. Take care.

  2. you ask what do I think, will I am speechless!!Honestly Barabara everything you turn your hand too is amazing keep it up!! You are lucky if it has stopped raining, here in Leeds is still coming down and very windy. Good excise to stay at home.

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