Week 23 – Mini-challenge!

This week was a catchup week for those who are behind a little, but we stitch junkies cannot do without something to kep us out of mischeif, can we?

The mini-challenge of 8 stitches was just what I needed.  I have needed a container to hold an assortment of beads for ages,for when I’m stitching ‘on the go’ and  I also wanted to see if I could try and merge 2 completely different fabrics together by using these 8 stitches.

I embellished some lovely red silk, first;  then added some pieces of soft purple/blue velvet for contrast.  I had a piece of an old crocheted doilly, which I inked with ranger ink pads.

I beaded in places for more depth and used the pale and deeper blue ones to tie-in with the colours on the doilly.  The use of the deep red was to help bed the doilly in against the red background – I think it works 🙂

Have the other side to finish, then it’s beads to  go!

Hope you like it!

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