It’s fun Free- wheeling!!

This is my sample that turned into a pretty good bead carrier for when I’m on the move.
 I used this week’s  chained wheel on it and other stitches, too.
  Once I got started, I found it hard to stop – A bit like at school when my gym teacher asked if I could do cartwheels and I promptly did 23!  (I like cartwheels, but ask me to do one, now :} no chance!

Anyway here’s  week 24’s offering I think everyone has enjoyed this one!
Incidently, for anyone who’s visiting and wonders what the heck TAST is – Follow this link and join in the fun 🙂

The background was embellished red silk with a lovely two-tone weave.  Next I added some soft velvet for a contrast in texture.  Then the stitching  began!  Trying out the variations on buttonhole wheel was such fun I got quite carried away 🙂

Also it was an  experiment to see if I could merge two very different materials together.  The large motif was a piece of heavy cotton doilly, which I dyed with Ranger ink pads and then used stitching to couch it to the background..

I now have a great little holder for some of my beads

Hope you are enjoying your hand stitching, Now I’m hopping over to ogle some of the many lovely samples.
Wishes & stitches


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