Those stitches love to mingle!

This week stitch was a great chance to mingle :), using other stitches to make more of a border.  The ribbons were couched down and there must be heaps of ways to do this.  I combined Bonnet stitch with fly, blanket, chain,cross, detached buttonhole and bullions.  The large border was stitched using a silver chain crochet thread.

I always feel as if I need more time, do you know what I mean; not more time because what I’ve done is incomplete but because there are so many more variations I have not discivered, yet, but as the workmen are coming shortly to rip out the old boiler and other fun things, I will definately have to close :))

I have included a couple of detail shots(although they aren’t that good.  I hope it helps you to see what I was doing.  The truth is, I just make it up as I go!
I really like the threaded bonnet stitch and could see that making a wonderful filling
for larger shapes.

Will post more – soon.
Wishes and stitches!

3 thoughts on “Those stitches love to mingle!

  1. I love what you have done Barbara, this makes a great filler stitch both stitched freely and traditionally. I like the way you have threaded the ribbon through the stitches.

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