Week 28 Up and down buttonhole

TAST challenge –  see here if you don’t know what it’s about!

I have not finished this week’s stitch for 2 reasons

1)  I  just want to do more.

2)  My stupid embroidery hoop snapped!!

Very frustrating because I had been trying to draw a Zentangle? Is that the correct name for it?  I’ve never had a go before and they always look fantastic!
Anyway, I had a rough 1st try, and it looked like the nave of a church I went with the ‘doodle’ and thought it would lend itself to stitch well.

So, although it’s WIP I am going to love continuing with this doodle style!

I added a straight stitch to each pair of buttonhole uprights, which forms a triangle

                           Below, free-styling crossed straight stitches and some


The beaded silver and green section was face to face buttonhole then I laced it with black and white thread.
Hope you enjoy whatever you’re stitching!

3 thoughts on “Week 28 Up and down buttonhole

  1. such a shame you are not down the road as I have spare hoops!!I agree as soon as I saw your photo it reminded me of a Church, maybe next tast can be the tower and another a font etc , will eagerly wait to see what you come up with

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