All the fun of the fair! Week 33 Pekinese stitch

I really enjoyed playing with this stitch!  The material had been lying around and I thought it was time to do something to liven it up.  I ink-stamped and painted it, and my inspiration was a little stamped scrap of paper with ‘ticket to ride’ on it, which I found in the bottom of my bit bag, and that was all it took!  I was off to the fair!


 The little figure came first and gave me a chance to try out a new stitch(not in tast as yet)  Drizzle stitch – this was just ideal for her ‘dreadlocks’ 🙂  The stitch is so good for forming a nice bold line and by mixing your second thread; colours endless variations are possible!  Big brash buttons to push and rides to thrill are all part and parcel of the fair, so the Big Wheel was a must and the stars, bells, and buttons to add little patches of interest.  I was so caught up with the theme I didn’t have time to finish, but I have added a bit more and plan to pick it up off and on, in between my other works.

Anyway Roll up and take a peep!

The rectangle you see at the bottom right is going to be the entrance to the hall of mirrors.  Hopefully I will get the chance to complete it some time soon!


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