Lifelines – another ‘small bite’ sample.

  This is a sample/patch/block whatever you like to call it and practise for my ‘bite- size pieces’ project next year. I have hand-dyed the fabric and hand-cut my own stencil The use of the earthy colours are really helping and I think that this will be the palette for the project.

Lifelines - Arrow stitch & others by Hopscotch-corner
The name I’ve given it is connected to the way I am going to view the work.
  I think the saying “bitten off more than you can chew” certainly came to mind when I thought of attempting this project but thinking of it as completing small units or bites seems infinitely more do-able!
So that’s the way I’ll go, connecting each little bite until hopefully, I’ll have a feast for my eyes at the end of the year!
I will post to this page and my album on stitchinfingers with my progress as I complete each piece and hope that in the coming year you, too, will take the plunge and attempt something that you consider challenging.
Arrow stitch & others by Hopscotch-corner
If you are, leave a comment and I’ll drop by to give moral support!
Best wishes & stitches, friends

3 thoughts on “Lifelines – another ‘small bite’ sample.

  1. Thanks for the kind comments :-)I will be continuing tast next year, but my personal challenge is to see if I can combine different techniques and patches/blocks to make a large piece.

  2. an excellent start top your "bite size pieces" project Barbara, I am right in thinking it is to do with the continuing tast for next year rt is it another project? I have been giving some thought in linking all my stitches together for next year but so far not come up with a way to do it, love how Connie did it with trees, maybe an idea will pop into my fuzzy brain before the new year.

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