I’m hiding!

This was a quick play with a different type of block.  I wanted to alter direction from the normal traditional style and decided to create an abstract block and just to make it more challenging I decided to hand stitch it in leather! 

 Wow!   I so enjoyed this, as the feel of the hide was beautifully soft and luxurious in my hands.  A real pleasure to make!
The needle has to be a specific type and has a  spear-shaped point to avoid tearing the skin.  I based it on Xmas colours and just free-styled it as I went along.

Recently I posted my first ever attempt at a block in crazy patchwork style but the patterns on the fabric were distracting me.

This block seemed so easy to complete and I wonder if it is because it was a ‘blank canvas’, so to speak and the decoration was purely from the design and stitching???
Anyway, I hope you like the change of style 🙂

Happy stitching!

2 thoughts on “I’m hiding!

  1. this has worked so well, I am surprised you found leather easy to sew, never tried it myself but I do have bits saved from an old leather jacket so maybe after Xmas will have a go. Like you I found crazy did not work well with patterned fabrics as with plain,if you only want to stitch the seams patterned work well but if you want to go real crazy plain every time. Have you signed up for the cqjp challenge, it is the last day today cqjp2013.blogspot.com

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