A brand new start!

Firstly, let me just wish all of you textile junkies  and stitchfiends out there a Wonderful New Year!  May your beading needles never bend, threads never tangle, your fabric stash never diminish and most of all may your imagination blossom!

  • This year I am going to focus on producing a series of blocks using different techniques and stitchesThere will be at least one a month so I will have a dozen by the years end.  I have set this as my minimum target, although I hope there will be opportunities to produce more.
  •  I am giving myself a little extra task by trying out fabrics I am unfamiliar with and new techniques(to me, anyway). 

By giving myself more time to ‘plot and plan’ I hope to see an improvement in what I produce. 

So, here is my plan for Block A – Acorns and Applique.


I am mixing planning and preparation with a sprinkling of fun because I know it will make it easier to stick to the challenge.  The pattern will become evident as I progress.
This block is constructed using velvet, which is a fabric I have no experience with nor the technique of applique(fused applique method).  This is a good way along, I find fine interfacing (the iron-on type) works well and helps prevent the velvet from fraying.  Also, I neatened the edges of the block before starting to handle it because the black bits where everywhere!!
Will post  when I finishe this first piece.

Once again,  Wishes & Stitches for the coming year ahead.
Take care


One thought on “A brand new start!

  1. Barbara this sounds like an exciting and challenging project for 2013, will be following your progress with great interest..How good it would be in beading needles never got bent and threads not tangle wishful thinking I think!!

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