TAST buttonholed herringbone and friends.

The third side of my textile vase finished(although I’m a little late in posting here.)  I am starting a new blog over on WordPress to cover more thought provoking subjects – Stitchstrata  The first one is my portrayal of a very old symbol, The tree of life with all its twists and turns…….

Please visit and leave a comment, if you have time.
TAST buttonholed  herringbone and friends. by Hopscotch/Barbara More experimenting and mixing the stitches.  I really is fun to embroider free-style!!
Quite a few different stitches on this side and one of my favourites – Buttonholed Herringbone.
I was too late to post the following block on WIP Wednesday.  So here  is my first TAST challenge practically completed but for some tidying of edges.
 Hand embroidered with  central  and secondary pieces hand-dyed.  Quilted cotton and lots of beading.  The stitches I chose for the challenge were:
Straight stitch
French knots
Back stitch
Chain stitch
Then I added (can’t help it:)Sailor stitch, and a few other friends – see if you can recognise them??
The colours are nice and gentle and will work well the other blocks.
Anyway, must get the dinner on!!
Hope you are all  enjoying your stitching!
Barbara X

3 thoughts on “TAST buttonholed herringbone and friends.

  1. Two wonderful pieces. Although the vase is monotone, white, it is not hard to guess who has created it. As for the leaf, it has Hopscotch written all over it. Just beautiful!

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