Week 64 and counting…………….

Following the excellent Tast challenge with Sharon B

Here is my little offering for Week 64 Knotted buttonhole stitch.  Please do not think I just sailed through this one, for some strange reason I could not get the hang of it for a while.

At last I got it together!

Have you ever felt like a right-handed person doing a stitch for left-handed people?  I felt as if I had 3 thumbs and they were all getting in the way!

Anyway after shouting at myself and then the aida it finally clicked ;though I had gone off it a bit by then with faffing about.

I had a coffee and decided to persevere.  I’m glad I did.

Hope you had fun with your samples!

I will check them out 🙂

Wishes and stitches


4 thoughts on “Week 64 and counting…………….

  1. The magical powers of coffee!
    Many stitch dictionaries recommend looping the thread around your thumb and then inserting the needle through that loop before sliding it off and parking it on the fabric.
    When there is no coffee to be had, or you feel ‘three thumbed’, agood way is to search the net or a book for ANOTHER way of doing the stitch.
    Your perseverance was well worth the effort. I like the spiral design with no 64 in the middle of the labyrinth.
    All the best.

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