Week 65 Buttonhole bar stitch

I have just finished this week’s TAST  a stitch-a-long run by Sharon B .

I enjoyed this  and it is so easy to do!    Once you get the rhythm of it, it is quite relaxing.   This week  I decided to combine some mixed media elements for some interest, I used a fragment of air drying clay and impressed it with various items, whilst remembering to pierce holes before it hardened to secure it to the fabric.

wk 65clay and stitch

clay and stitch close up

The second sample I used a small packet  safety pins I found and played with threading them onto the b/hole also beading them added another bit of interest.

Pinterest wk65Pinterest close up

I must admit, I am looking forward to another mini-challenge,  I am getting a bit restless and would like to try something new 🙂

Hoping you are  enjoying the eye candy from all our stitching friends, there are some great samples out there!

Wishes & Stitches

Barbara M


2 thoughts on “Week 65 Buttonhole bar stitch

  1. There is never a dull moment looking at your work! What a fantastic idea to stitch in clay, and the result is stunning! Is the clay brittle and light or sturdy and heavy?
    The other day I was listening to a pod radio programme from Sweden about the safety pin. They had many interesting things to say, but did not mention that you can use it very successfully in embroidery too, which you have proved!
    Lovely work, Barbara.

    1. Thanks, Queenie,
      The clay is roughly shaped and left for a couple of days to dry out thoroughly. I made it slightly thicker than usual and the holes over-sized because they shrink slightly upon drying. The small missing piece was a result of dropping it on the floor!! The rest survived though 🙂
      Try it, it really is fun to do!


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