A tissue! Bless me.

Continuing the thrifty habit of using whatever scraps and short lengths of threads are lounging around my workspace  (plus the chance to make it look a bit tidier 🙂  I came across some lime green tissue paper I’d used for wrapping a  little present.

This I placed over a double layer of thinner cotton and formed a loose base of machine stitch.  I then added layered scraps  of hand dyed net tulle and a bit of glitz in the form of copper net and bits of copper shim(one of my favourite things!)  Some short snippets of wool were then machine couched to the background.

Later I used hand embroidery to add more depth to it and merge the two, so the mix of embroidery types wouldn’t look so obvious.  The surplus paper around the edge was gently torn away and some highlights in the work were formed by removing some sections of paper within the piece.


I found that this weeks stitch (coral stitch)for the TAST challenge,  was perfect for emphasising the organic outline of the tulle.

Coral stitch outline
Coral stitch outline

Stitches used:

Coral stitch

Bullion stitch

Back stitch

running stitch

seed stitch

I’m off to see what you‘ve been up to!

Barbara M

5 thoughts on “A tissue! Bless me.

  1. You’ve put in a lot of time, energy and enjoyment in this. The result is stunningly beautiful. Cleaning up your studio and making use of ‘left-overs’ is a great thing!

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