Warning triangles and hazard tape!

Funny how an inspiration springs from things you’ve been seeing every day nearly, isn’t it?

The first was from the bold effect of some hazard tape the cleaners had put out in my local shopping centre(for a rather large spill).    Then, whilst driving home, I passed the usual warning triangles for traffic .  Suddenly, click!  The colour scheme and the shape became the combination for this week’s stitch.

wk 67Glad I did because these are two colours I would never use together as I consider them a bit dramatic!!!!!!!  (A bit like the exclamation marks!)  Anyway, I have been  wanting to try ‘colouring in’ with stitch and using combinations to fill shapes.

I also gave myself the tiny challenge of adding another new stitch to my sample as well as this week’s TAST stitch, thClose up with Ceylon stitchis was Ceylon stitch(see below left),  rather like knittingwk 67 detail, isn’t it?

As you can see, this will probably be another week or two before I finish and  I’m hoping that future stitches will be suitable.  have fun with hem stitch!

Best wishes

Barbara M


2 thoughts on “Warning triangles and hazard tape!

  1. I love when this happens to me; an idea just pops up in my mind. You are right, yellow and black are dramatic and unusual and therefore just perfect for your stitch play with the triangles. Have another week or two of FUN!

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