Tip toe through the tulips!

Well, week 68 of Sharon B’s great TAST challenge,  detached slipped chain stitch(quite a mouthful 🙂

I wasn’t really very excited about this stitch to start with, but as usual once I started playing around with it things got more interesting.  The black and white doodles show that it is a lot more versatile than I first thought.  The snowflake type motif was simple to do and adding the eyelet effect in the centre gives it a finished look,  you could also add a bead in the centre or try a metal eyelet.  The eyes on the little face came first and with a few straight stitches there he was.

I don’t know if you recognise the doodle at the bottom right, but it is supposed to be a crocodile(well, it looks like one to me).  The random sprinkled type border is just tulip stitch with a couple of large straight stitches across the base.

My favourite is the geometric free-style border at the bottom, this could be used as a quick filler or border stitch and it was just a matter of altering the angle of the ‘leaf’ part.

wk 68 doodles

My main traditional type sample was fun to do as originally I intended to make a sample of raised or filling stitches.  Instead, it became a garden pot!

The stitches I used are:

Week 68 detached slipped chainDouble running stitch

French Knots


Straight stitch

Feather stitch

Back stitch outline

I loved really filling the pot and added a couple of greenery sprays for good measure

with just a few beads 🙂

The weather has been  wet and miserable to-day, so I managed to get quite a bit done.

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s stitch, I’m off take a look at what you have been up to!!


wk 68 close up


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