At last I’m up to date!!

Yes, It is disgraceful that I missed posting to my own stitch blog, but I’m sorry to say life got in the way lately.  Good things and the not so good took preference, so I can only apologise for my lack of posting 😦

Anyway, if any of you kind souls are still out there(and interested!)

These are the catchup stitches for my TAST 2013 challenge which Sharon B over on runs  for free!   It is such a wonderful gift of her precious time and just proves what a passion she has for stitch – Thank you so much 🙂

As you can see I really liked the crested chain sitch and the Bullion B/Hole was fun, too!


Crested chainBullion buttonhole

I have been working on another free-form sample for the chain stitches Zig-Zag and woven Zig-Zag plus friends.

You will see that I have already doodled some more shapes so I can continue with this when we get the new stitch!

I hope you have all enjoyed the experience so far, and the pleasure of sharing what we are up to.  Look forward to seeing more of your great works!

Best wishes

Barbara M


free-style  tbc........Detail 2 free-style


One thought on “At last I’m up to date!!

  1. it si good to catch up isn`t it, I had 14 to do but could not wotk out the buttonhole double chain, never mind all the others were a success.. Lts us hope we can both keep up with it now.

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