Back into the swing of things……….

I am now going to spend a guilt-free afternoon pursuing some ideas that have been bugging me for a while.

So, take a look at my latest addition to the sample for wk 70 onwards in the TAST challenge and tell me what you think!  (I can take it!)

This is a challenge to learn hand embroidery stitches at the rate of one a week, although there are no hard and fast rules and you can hop in and out as you please.  Sharon B provides all the info over on her blog – see here.  It is such a great opportunity to view others wonderful work and their interpretation of each stitch! 

A little more for TuesdayYou will see I’ve stitched a small satin stitch motif  behind the green row and then given  it a back-stitch outline.  The larger motif is in cloud filling with the addition of a bead outline(the green centre stitches are woven cross stitch.)   Cloud stitch tastThe upper circle on the right in this pic is satin stitch with random straight stitches over and finished with chain stitch.

The bottom left-hand motif in this second pic is  cloud filling with an extra line of thread added and then the whole thing was beaded for a more  dimensional look.  The yellow line to the left is Vandyke stitch


cloud stitch close up - extra lines

I love cloud filling and will spend some time experimenting later on.



Hope you are all having fun out there and enjoying the experience!

Best Wishes

Barbara X


4 thoughts on “Back into the swing of things……….

  1. Nice to see your work again, Barbara. You are such an inspiration with your wonderful interpretations of the various TAST stitches. I do like your Cloud Filling.
    I, myself, have been too busy to do any real projects and have only added stitches to my sampler. Well, soon it is autumn and I am sure I will be having more time.

  2. good to see you are still doing tast, I got very neglectful but have finally caught up and have spoken seriously to myself telling me not to get behind again!

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