Another layer for StitchStrata

2nd layer started

Been experimenting with multiple layers of waxed and dyed papers and fabrics(amongst other things).   I have managed to add some hand stitching onto the base and it is quite organic – looking.  I need to dye some more threads and order some cotton for another idea I have for the Stitchstrata blog.

Some pics to give you an idea which way I’m heading!

building layers 1Another layer detailThe piece is very fragile due to the materials and all the separate pieces involved, but I find it all the more interesting; for as I work  it is changing appearance – each edge reacting by curling and tearing, needing to be mended or reinforced – very like the layers of our personality – affected by each shift and change in life :}

This section was couched sisal and a free-machine stitched grid.  Embellished with bullion knots and french knots.  I have used wadding at the back and it gives real depth but my stitching creates new challenges as it manipulates the sample into different shapes with each new addition and has to be counter stitched elsewhere.  I like it!!

Will post more as I go.

Hoping you’re having fun with your own stitchplay!

Best wishes

Barbara X

3 thoughts on “Another layer for StitchStrata

  1. Thank you both for dropping by 🙂
    I have other jobs to do to-day such as dead-heading roses, marinating kebabs, and housework – Guess which one gets struck off the list??? Lol

  2. this is coming along a treat Barbara and can`t wait to see the finished piece, colours are beautiful and so delicate looking

  3. This piece reminds me of the Sumptuous Surface Embroidery course I did with Sharon B, only you have also used a Sumptuous Foundation for your embroidery. I bet it is fragile and demanding but you are tenderly patching it all up. Enjoy!

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