I love Raised Chain Stitch!

Have to admit, I felt like playing a little more with this stitch I love the textural effect of it when worked closely.  In the first motif, I tried using the stitch as a scattered filler.

individual raised chain motif 2

The other motif was wheatsheaf stitch and random, interlaced straight stitch with an outline of chain.  The green is too dark for the overlay stitching but the dimensional effect was good.

wheat ear motif

Today, I’ve started playing with curves and spirals.  Packing the stitches very close together, adding a beaded ‘spine’ to it and mixing with chain stitch.  These are the first two.

Lovely raised chainTo-dayAs you see (below right) I then built up the stitching to make a bolder motif by using chain stitch as an infill.

    I know I’ve probably said this before :), but this is my favourite!!

I think I might also make a sample blackberry or two(very seasonal here in Wales).

The look of this stitch combined with beads would be just right!

Hope you are having fun, too

Best wishes



2 thoughts on “I love Raised Chain Stitch!

  1. I like your interlaced bejewelled tear drops, but most of all I love the beaded spiral of Raised Chain stitches. I share your feelings for this TAST stitch, it is becoming a much loved one; so relaxing to work with, so good to look at!

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