Rain starts more play!

A little bit of free-form stitching
A bit of free-form stitching

The weather here in Wales is decidedly miserable and rainy, so, I thought I’d make a cuppa and settle down with my Raised chain stitch doodle which is this week’s TAST challenge.

This is a great free challenge by Sharon B over on her blog Pintangle.com.  An opportunity to learn a new stitch each week for a year.  There is no time scale and you can dip in and out of the different stitches as you like!

As you can see in this shot I’m still building up and filling in between.  I like the way this is progressing and have mixed some of the other stitches we have learnt along the way.

Organic sample raised chain and friendsThe thing is, if you are just starting to learn about stitches, don’t feel that everyone else’s samples are  better and more accomplished than your own efforts.  I was panicky when I first tried my hand but everyone started at the beginning and it’s lovely to encourage and support one another.

So, don’t feel shy about having a go – I guarantee that you will see such improvements as you look back over the weeks!

Most importantly, have fun!



2 thoughts on “Rain starts more play!

  1. such a good selection of stitches here, as you say we all had to start somewhere and encouragment is so important, still not managed to do the buttonhole double chain stitch, have more or less given up with it now!

  2. Wow, Barbara!
    Your stitches are great, (and of course the Raised Chain stitch IS a great stitch in itself) but I was most impressed by your kind and encouraging words. It is so easy to feel intimidated by seeing others’ work and you have made it clear that that should not matter; just have a go and enjoy stitching. Your work is always so playful and an inspiration for anyone to start free form embroidery.
    All the best!

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