A wedding gift for someone special

I know it’s been a while since I posted my stitching samples and I have kept up, but holiday and a wayward computer have delayed things, somewhat!

I also heard recently that my lovely niece, Hannah, is about to be married in December this year!

So, I wanted to make something rather special for her to mark such a happy occasion.

I have some beautiful samples of silk brocade and satin.  I’ve had fun ordering some crystals, pearls and vintage lace, which I have decided to incorporate into the piece.

It is going to take a while but I am really enjoying the assembly process.

I have posted the first few photos and hope you will be able to follow my progress.

Hannah's Bookcorner wedding book


The beautiful antique lace on the front is cotton and I just fell in love with it.

The front and back cover itself is silk brocade in pale gold, cream & white.  I have quilted the layers together and secured the lining of pale cream habotai silk at the same time with tiny mother-of-pearl buttons and a bead.

The cross stitch page is something I don’t normally have the patience to persevere with, but Hannah’s worth every stitch!

stitch close up

This will be part of Sharon ‘s wip wednesdays, a chance to share our photographs and follow one another’s’ progress!  See www.pintangle .com for details.

I’m now off to see what you have all been up to while I’ve been away 🙂



3 thoughts on “A wedding gift for someone special

  1. What a lucky niece! Your choice of material is great and with your fantastic stitch skills this will be a stunning piece. Looking forward to your Wednesday postings. Have fun!

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