Another bit of progress…….

I found time between walking in Llangollen and working on household items to finish some more of Hannah’s textile wedding book which is a WIP Wednesday project run by Sharon B on her website  The half-cross stitched page is nearly there Page for Hannah's wedding book(minus the groom’s name )and I have to fill in the rest of the background.

The initial edging is a row of oval pearl- effect beads that look as if they have been strung.  I then added a beaded scalloped edging with silvered glass seed beads, I think the combination looks good together.

The only problem is the placement of them at the top right corner.  as there is no beading thread, so to speak and the beads are rigid I have no way to attach the two corner ones to the page other than glueing them(not my first choice,) so if anyone out there has a better suggestion I am all ears!

I have found a small lidded box blank and have spent some hours creating an encrusted beaded and embroidered lid for it.  I have included this week’s tast stitch(raised cup stitch) pearls, Crystals, and a silver snowflake charm, which I hope will be the only one they’ll see on the day!  Can you spot the engagement ring ?  By the way, in case you are wondering about the size it measures only  5.5cms square.  Working on such a small-scale object is so satisfying as it gets done in no time 🙂   I think I will neaten the silver ring though, as this was my first experience of metallic embroidery thread and We did  not make friends easily, I can tell you!

Ring box lid

I hope that she will be pleased with it as a place to store her precious ring for safe-keeping.  The sides will be painted silver over antique white to give a lovely time-worn feel to it.  and I am thinking of putting one of those pads from a ring box to keep it in place or making one from some white velvet, perhaps.

Ah well  Back to the more mundane things in life(watching the wind ruin my lovely October Roses and the driving rain is inviting the slugs out for an evening meal :{

Hope you are having fun wherever you happen to be.

Best Wishes



2 thoughts on “Another bit of progress…….

  1. What a piece of jewellery this is turning into! I am sure Hannah and her groom will be delighted. Sorry I have no suggestion for you other than glue – or appliqué the piece onto a bit of white felt and then stitch the felt edge to the page…
    If you redo the ring, and still don’t feel happy about the result, why not use a real ‘ring’ (key ring, washer …) and couch it in place with metallic thread.
    Your rain might be slug-inviting, but it is not as deadly as the typhoon that hit Japan’s Oshima Island yesterday.

    1. Queenie, Thank you for the suggestions I’m sure it will be fine, I’ll test the glue on a sample.
      You are right about the terrible events there and it makes us realise how lucky we are here in the UK. My thoughts and prayers are with those affected.

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