TAST 89-93 Caught up!

So much stitching to do lately, boring housewifey stuff and repairs.  Presents for new babies and I am just about to clear the decks for the New Year.
These stitches seemed so easy to do, I had them finished last night.  I have so enjoyed this TAST challenge so far.

What is it??

If you pop over to Sharon B’s website Pintangle   you will find all the information you need.  Each week we’re given a new stitch to learn and play with.  It is amazing how much you learn about a stitch by thinking sideways 🙂

Stretch the stitch, make it longer group them together, stack them one over another.  Try novelty threads, yarns and wool – even ribbon and leather thonging or cord.  Don’t be afraid to play!!

Here is my offering  for numbers 89 to 93.

89   Twisted satin stitch

90  Beaded twisted satin stitch

91  Straight-sided feather stitch

92  Crossed feather stitch

93  Plaited feather stitch

weeks 89-93tast wk 89-93A very versatile stitch and by using differing threads and wool the design can become quite delicate or bolder, depending on the effect you want.

My favourite is the wreath of cream wool with bead insertions  – I could see these used on felted wool they would blend in beautifully! Also the dainty little one with bullions and french knots would be lovely on delicate linens

I then whipped part of the feather stitch for a bolder line from the base and added rice stitch and french knots to the branching sprays of crossed feather stitch.

Hope you are enjoying the experiments, too!

Wishes and stitches

Barbara M

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