Hurrah!! All Done!

Phew! Thank goodness I managed to finish the textile wedding book and finished the ring box for Hannah. I have them safely wrapped in tissue and pearly shredded fibres. it looks lovely!

Ring box finished

The box was given 2 thick coats of silver acrylic paint. The first coat painted vertically and left to dry and the second coat, horizontally. This made a nice textured finish, I also decided to give the box lid a beaded fringe.  Inside I made a padded lining for the lid and a silk beaded, quilted cushion to protect the rings.
I added an interior pocket to house items for her ‘old’, ‘new’, ‘borrowed and blue’ gifts.  The name tag is real pewter and hand embossed and of course her surname will be new 🙂

What's new?tear dab

Borrowed and Blue!
Borrowed and Blue!

I had fun with the next item, I combined Borrowed and blue in the form of a silk handkerchief.  I made it rectangular as Mum would need a little tear-dabbing space of her own – hence the ‘tear and share 🙂

The ‘old’ was  personal little silver charm with a family story behind it and there is another pocket with ‘Memory scraps’ personal memories from Hannah’s life from my viewpoint.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your own creations and look forward to another year of sharing them .

Very best wishes, everyone

Barbara M



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