Auntie Biotic visits for Christmas………………..

Yes, I have to say she is the one visitor you don’t really want to see, but I had no choice, as my dear husband decided to bring her home with him and let me share her company. I have missed most of the holidays (just about managed to produce a decent Christmas dinner, before she took over completely!)

Chest then tightened up (well, she makes everybody tense, I know:} and the singing began – or was that just wheezing I could hear? Anyway, I now have an extra present courtesy of my doctor. An inhaler to loosen things up a bit so hopefully I’ll be celebrating a belated birthday (should be to-morrow)in about a weeks time(fingers crossed). After having seen off Auntie first, obviously. Managed to do some free-wheeling embroidery nothing that taxes the brain(yes, I do have one).

I also am toying with some ideas for the earthy piece and finding it hard to concentrate. Will keep exercising those little gray cells for fear of them dying off altogether!

under the earth

trying to hatch an idea.......

I really  hope you all had a great Christmas and a have a healthy & creative New Year!

Best wishes



5 thoughts on “Auntie Biotic visits for Christmas………………..

  1. I do hope you are feeling better now and happy birthday to you. There is a virus here in the UK, started to feel off colour just before Xmas and still coughing like an old man but no doubt it will go when it is ready to

  2. Auntie Biotic’s twin sister has been squatting in my home in Tokyo for a long time, so I know exactly how you feel. My brain is also running on low and I haven’t touched needle or thread in ages.
    Hope you get not only better, but really well really soon.

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